Tuesday, January 26, 2010

6 Network Marketing Success Tips

Network Marketing Success Tips

1. You must have a genuine passion for the particular company, products or service that you will be be marketing. You absolutely must be sold yourself. Hey if you personally love the products or service yourself you won't have any problem sharing it with others! Network Marketing uses the very best of advertising methods and this method is word of mouth.

2. Do some due diligence or research on the company before aligning yourself with them. If the company has a very poor reputation you will have a real battle building your business. Also find out what the person knows about the company that is sharing it with you.

3. Once you get started take action right away. In fact take massive action right away if you really want to capitalize on opportunity.

4. Use the company designed marketing tools to show your product or business. Marketing tools such as flyers, brochures, DVD, Website, Conference calls or recorded sizzle call. People you show your business or products too need validation and doing this simple thing gives it to them.  Just rememeber you are the director NOT the presenter.  Direct people to the information they need to make an informed decision.

5. Edify or build up the Marketing tool when sharing with others. Say something like: Wait untill you see our website! Or Wait until you see our DVD! You get the idea, if you are not excited yourself, the person you are showing won't be exicted to get started with you either.

6. Care about the person that you are talking to. Really listen to them. Make a connection with them. Make a new friend. Network Marketing is a Relationship or People Business.

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